Discover Pastel Interactive Retail Experience!

Discover Pastel Interactive Retail Experience!

Hello, Patrons

  Our brand vision is to strengthen the community and family through interactive engagements. Our aesthetics express feelings of self-love and desire for social bonding and promotes mental health stability. Pastel Interactive Experience(PIE) will facilitate our vision by building value on our community and services. We will start by creating a community brand that values its member's time, leisure, and lifestyle.


Pastel Interactive Experience is an interactive retail platform designed to inspire people to become their greatest selves while strengthening others in life. How would we do this? We will start with the person themselves, you. You are our #1 Value. Our mission is for you to become your greatest self by supporting your local community to strengthen the world.


You will do this by accomplishing Sweet Gigs. Sweet Gigs will prompt you to act in such a fashion that will benefit you and your local community. Accomplish the gig and earn 2x the value spent in Sweet Bucks. So a gig might cost $29.99, but your reward will be $59.99 worth of $SB. Gigs will be interactive collections like "Share or Dare, "Truth or Wear, "Never have I ever worn, "Fashion Against Humanity, "Date Night or Night Life, "Wife Type or Hot Life, and "Stay Home or Stay Gone"! These are only a few. We will add more gigs as we grow.

  Pastel Interactive Experience or PIE will offer a personable experience that you will love every minute. PIE is exclusive to Pastel Club members only. As our club grows, we will be offering lifestyle-enhancing services like vouchers on ride-sharing and delivery platforms, one free month of streaming on popular video-on-demand apps, and local members-only entertainment and leisure events. Sweet Bucks will be the redeemable reward to exchange for those perks mentioned and more.

 Club Pastel is more than a loyalty program! It's a virtual community of "Sweetbuds" living a Pastel Life, the sweet life. Pastel Sweet Bucks($SB) will soon be redeemable in multiple stores. As our club grows, this will build value in the club. We will be partnering with top brands like Disney, Lyft, DoorDash, and your favorite retail brands to bring the best services to our members. Our members can earn sweet bucks by joining our club, supporting your local community, joining our live gigs(coming soon), participating in our club activities and festivities, and living the Pastel Life.

Much Love! 

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