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Discover Us




Our Story

With the help of my creative team, I was able to establish a brand that promotes mental health stability and encourages self-fulfillment. Our priority is to prepare wholesome, trendy, well-balanced products and services that; will remind you to smile!

Retail Entertainment 

We will offer an interactive experience designed to engage directly with our guests. Our online store offers fast and free shipping nationwide. As we scale up our services, we will be offering local doorstep same-day delivery to reach our customers even faster. This Fall, we will be showcasing Pastel Live Interactive Fashion Entertainment/Event (LIFE). Pastel LIFE will encourage our guests to see us for more than just as a store but as a lifestyle.

Honest Service

Our products are a well-curated selection of apparel at competitive prices. Our manufacturing team has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and has led the industry for the past decade.

Passionate Mission

With our; guest-oriented approach, we have curated a NewWorld brand that promotes memorable moments and inspires unique trends. Trends that will; continuously strive to offer the best experience and quality service that our guests truly desire!

Guest over Customer

  We view our customers as guests because we intend to extend our company as a home, a safe space for our guests at their leisure. Our company strives for you to feel confident and beautiful inside and out. Our style is a perfect mixture of young contemporary, casual basic, activewear, and kid-friendly fashion deal for women and children everywhere. The fashion designs at Pastel will cater to a wide age bracket, so you will find something you love!


  I am not only a founder and CEO; I have been working in the behavioral health industry for years. I have been aiding in the rehabilitation of industry termed at-risk teens for nearly five years since I separated from the US Army! Now I want to extend my service to this passion through Pastel Foundation. I plan to shift the services that will positively impact our guests' lives; over to children and families in need of food, clothing, shelter, and the bare necessities of life. Disney pun intended. We will do so in youth outreach campaigns and charitable donations to corresponding organizations. 





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