About Us


Hello, Patrons

  Welcome to a New World of fashion retail. At Pastel Interactive Boutique, we vow to be an immersive and engaging retail outlet. Our company mission is to; create an enhanced shopping experience for our guests. Our priority is to promote memorable moments and inspire unique trends. Our services are reliable and will offer a well-curated selection of apparel at competitive prices.


Our Vision

  We will integrate entertainment and technology with fashion retail. Think about the most memorable moment in your life. Where were you, who were you with, what were you wearing, and what did you do? Our interactive experience will give you the answer. That is how we will appeal more intimately to our guests.


Our Mission 

  Our brand is solely based on the experience that would come when wearing our products. Pastel Interactive Boutique will be; a fashion entertainment and leisure-based company. Our future storefront will have multi-industry themes. We will offer interactive shopping, immersive mixed reality entertainment, social lounging, and refreshments. Perfect for family and friends to experience a NewWorld of fashion retail. 


Live Weekly Episodes (Coming Soon)

  Our line of products will be; showcased live on a weekly bases as episodes. Before the episode goes live online, we will allow customers to pre-order at a discounted rate before the episode launch at a regular price. 


Pastel Royalty (Coming Soon)

  We are working on casting an entire crew for Pastel Royals. They will undertake the noblest responsibility of supporting and strengthening the commonwealth of the communities we will serveOur Royals will host local community events, virtual interactive activities, and club-sponsored excursions and serve as a royal patron of Pastel Foundation's charitable events.


Uniquely Fashioned

   If you want to buy clothes then; we welcome you to shop with other popular brands. If you want a thrilling shopping experience, then Pastel is your friendly interactive fashion family. We are looking forward to providing you with the best shopping experience and having you as a valued customer.


Much Love!

J.K Scott, CEO

Pastel Interactive