Pastel Interactive Experience


About Our Experience

We are an engagement platform designed to bring people and their friends and family together to experience the sweet life made possible by their being.

The value we offer will empower our member's lifestyles by enhancing their everyday norm to an outstanding experience. We will strengthen your life to a sweet life.

Shopping with us will not be a one-time click and run. Our impact on your life is everlasting. When you shop with us and put your jeans on, you will do so with purpose and motivation.


Pastel Interactive Experience is an interactive retail platform designed to inspire people to become their greatest selves while strengthening others in life.

How would we do this?

We will start with the person themselves, you. You are our #1 Value. Our mission is for you to become your great self by supporting your local community to strengthen the world.


Pastel Interactive Experience(PIE) will facilitate our brand vision by building value on our community and services. We will start by creating a community brand that values its member's time, leisure, and lifestyle.