Pastel Royal Court of Fashion


"Noble deeds of honorable people are sure to be noticed by The Royals!"

The Royals are Club Pastel Members who undertake official roles in the club to support and strengthen the commonwealth of the club, the communities, and or the company.

How to join the court? All members of Club Pastel can join the court by creating a family and adding members to your house.


Adding a family to your house allows you to share and spread the wealth you gain as you participate and embrace the Pastel Life.

A member's "House" can be comprised of 3-5 family members and friends of your choosing. Be mindful of our cause to the individual and their community to create blissful moments for all to share. So make sure you add like-minded people to your house.

The Head of Household will be qualified to be invited to The Royal Court to support and strengthen Pastel's footprint in their community.

The Title of Courtiers. Listed from most active to less active.

Lady Duchess: Head host of local community events, activities, club-sponsored adventures, and serving as a royal patron of Pastel Foundation's charitable events.

Lady Marchioness: Enhances the reach of The Club by expanding the borders of our interactive experiences to new communities. Head of welcoming new members to the club.

Lady Viscountess: Head of member relations, keeps count of all members' noble deeds and gig engagements in their local community. Organize member's Houses and invite suitable members to Royal Court in their local communities.

Lady Baroness: Head of Household members. Responsible for sponsoring their House experiences at club events, gigs, and club-sponsored adventures.

Lady Pastel: Star Winner(1st place) in a Pastel's Sweet Life Pageant

Knight of Pastel: Sword Winner(2nd place) in a Pastel's Sweet Life Pageant

Page of Pastel: Wand Winner(3rd place) in a Pastel's Sweet Life Pageant

Miss Pastel: Cup Winner(4th place) in a Pastel's Sweet Life Pageant


One of the great things about The Pastel Royal Court is that its members can be employees and customers of Pastel Interactive. We will combine company, community, and citizen in one community that values every function and features of its commonwealth.


The Royal's vision is to fashion the lives of its commonwealth into a blissful environment that retains its fertility for growth.