The Sweetest Reward Ever


We have all heard the term "Better bang for your buck" 


That is exactly what Sweet Bucks are.

$SB is the better bang you get when you spend your hard-earned money with Pastel Interactive Boutique.


The "bang" that we give is unmatched by no other brands promising to fulfill your life with value.


We believe you are the most valuable in your life. No product or service can replace that.


We are a mere reminder of your significance in life.


Sweet Bucks are our way of reminding you of your underlying function in life.

Sweet Bucks are for Club Pastel members only. As our club grows, we will be offering lifestyle-enhancing services like vouchers on ride-sharing and delivery platforms, one free month of streaming on popular video-on-demand apps, and local members-only entertainment and leisure events. 

Sweet Bucks will be the redeemable reward to exchange for those perks mentioned and more.

Pastel Interactive Experience or PIE will offer a personable experience that you will love every minute.