Our Mission Statement

Pastel Mission Statement To The World.

We Are Fearlessly Proud and Loud!

   Through; hardships, pandemics, and social unrest, our communities remained intact and thriving. We remain fearless and focus on supporting and strengthening our mind, body, and spirit. We stand proud of our image and relation to our friends, family, and community. We are loud and lively in living the sweetest life as nature intends for us. 


   Our every intention for being here is to pursue the ultimate life goodie. The ultimate goodie is you, us, and I. We are the sweetest deal, the golden goodie, the garden fruit of Eden; we are life living itself through the world. Since you are the great value in your life, our goal as a fashion entertainment company is to build an inclusive community designed to enhance your lifestyle. 
Imagine planning a date out with your significant other; being a Club Pastel member, you'll have personal wardrobe assistance; one click away. We will showcase our life-enhancing products and services LIVELOCAL, and LOUD right in your face. Our content will satisfy your every curiosity and interest. Pastel Interactive Boutique(iBoutique) is unlike any other. We offer the potential to fashion your life as you please. Our brand revolves around our community, not the other way around. You want to be a member of The New World of Fashion Retail. Sign up today!